Who We Are

Denis Place, Mostafa Daoudi & Don Feuerstein founded SemiProbe in 2006 to address market voids in the analytical probing market. Collectively, before founding SemiProbe, they worked as managers at SUSS MicroTec North American Probing Division in Waterbury Center, VT for 35 years. They founded SemiProbe with several objectives in mind:

  • Capital equipment is expensive – Get more for your money! SemiProbe platforms reduce lifetime costs for our customers. Our systems evolve with our customers needs, dramatically extending their useful lifespan.
  • Provide the most modular and flexible probing platform – We give our customers the capability to adapt, customize and upgrade systems to their specific needs.
  • Perpetual field upgrade path – SemiProbe’s systems and patented technology gives customers the ability to upgrade their existing system with new modules and accessories. All key building blocks of the PS4L are interchangeable and upgradeable.
    • Manual Systems can be upgraded to larger Manual or Semiautomatic Systems
    • Semiautomatic Systems can be upgraded to larger Semiautomatic Systems or Fully Automatic Systems
    • Upgrades are performed at the customer’s site and all upgrades are completed in 1 or 2 days